About INIS


The Ethiopian Canadian Muslim Community Association (ECMCA) in Toronto established Iqra Nejashi Islamic School (INIS) on January 2016. Since its establishment in 1998, ECMCA has been providing Islamic education for the Muslims in the Toronto area. After the high level of demands by the Muslim communities in the area to expand it’s services and to include a private Islamic School, ECMCA has welcomed the suggestion and acted upon it. Iqra Nejashi Islamic School has been named after Nejashi (King Nejashi of Abysinia) in commemoration of his legacy as a great companion who offered tremendous support and protection to Islam and Muslims from persecution (http://www.arabnews.com/news/546951)

We are committed to provide a high level of academic and Islamic education for our students and we are also committed to excel in engaging the best educators to carry on this task. Meanwhile, we are thankful to Allah for helping us to secure qualified teachers for the upcoming school year. It is our ultimate goal to meet the highest expectation of the parents and students.

We believe that parents should wisely select schools that benefit the most in both academic and Islamic education for their children and INIS is a good alternative in this regard. We at INIS provide both education and an opportunity for our children where they can learn and create friendships that can guide them to a bright future in their lifetime.


Iqra Nejashi Islamic School (INIS)

INIS adheres to the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines and expectations. INIS has been assigned a Board School Identification Database (BSID) number by the Ministery of Education and is listed as private school on the Ministery of Education website.
We would like to seize this opportunity to thank our School staff, teachers, and parents who have put in a tremendous contribution for this successful acknowledgement. We look forward to make INIS one of the best schools in Ontario Inshaa Allah!